Holistic Wellness Coaching

Holistic Wellness Coaching with the Love Heals Method 




Eating a healthy diet, regular exercise and physical detoxification are vitally important for for physical healing, weight loss and optimum health, but very often working on the physical level alone is not enough. You may need a more holistic approach.


This is because wellness is the integration of body, mind, emotions and spirit, it is the understanding that everything in your life is interconnected, and that everything you think, feel, say and do has an effect on your health.


Wellness is also a journey, there is no end point, it is a choice you make every day to move toward optimum holistic health.


Wellness is truly a way of life, a healthy lifestyle you create that allows you to reach your highest potential. 


In addition, very often, at the core of many health, weight, relationship or life challenges there is a lack of inner peace or a lack of self-love.


Therefore, holistic wellness often involves  finding inner peace, letting go of fear, and returning to a state of relaxation and love. For at the foundation of wellness is a loving acceptance of yourself.


Holistic wellness coaching with me will help you uncover the deeper root causes of your wellness, weight, relationship or life challenges and provide you with the support you need to overcome them.


The Love Heals Method focuses on self-love and the interconnection between your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relationship health. It's designed to help you create the health, love and happiness you want from the inside out.


Here are the four key interconnected pillars of my holistic wellness coaching system, The Love Heals Method, that beautifully compliment a healthy diet, physical detoxification and regular exercise:



Get to deep core root of what's truly causing you to feel anxious or stressed and learn the best stress release and stress reduction techniques - specifically for you and your unique situation and needs. Learn how to love and relax your body and nervous system, with the power of your heart and self-love, slow your brainwaves down into a healing body-mind state and feel a sense of inner peace and calm despite stressful situations or anxiety-provoking circumstances. 



Understand and listen to the important messages of your emotions, learn how to love yourself emotionally and bring yourself back into emotional balance more easily and quickly when emotionally triggered,  release the past, old hurts and resentments, identify your emotional needs and learn how to satisfy them in healthy  ways, become the master of your emotions to improve your health and your relationships.



Identify, release and replace repetitive negative thought patterns, self-criticism and false beliefs by connecting with your heart and rewiring your brain with your loving, powerful, true self. Build your self-confidence and claim your worthiness from within. Understand the important difference between self-confidence and self-worth. Harness the power of love and the body-mind connection to reach your goals or full potential and to transform your body or improve your health, relationships and entire life.



Having healthy loving relationships with others is a very important component of health and wellness. Learning how to have a healthy, loving relationship with yourself is the key, because self-love is at the foundation of wellness. Learn how to recognize and release unhealthy or unfulfilling relationships and painful, unhealthy relationship patterns, how to have healthy boundaries with others, communicate with empowered loving communication skills, and attract, create or experience healthy loving relationships. This detox pillar makes my wellness coaching extra special, powerful and unique!


My Coaching Approach as far as Diet, Exercise and Weight Loss

Although the important topics of eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly may of course be discussed in a coaching session, the guidance I provide on these topics is focused on encouraging you to learn about  the basics of a healthy, organic, whole food diet and then to listen to and tune into your own body and its unique needs. I will help you to heal your relationship food and your body.  I will support you in overcoming any challenges you have with eating healthy, such as lack of time, frequent travel, or an unsupportive partner, etc. In addition, even though I am a vegan, and a huge fan of  plant-based diets and nutrition, I know there is no one right diet for everyone, there is only the right and best diet for you.

As far as movement and exercise, I help you to explore and find a form of exercise that you love, because this is the essential key to having a consistent exercise routine that you will keep up with, look forward to and enjoy!  If you already have a form or forms of exercise you love and enjoy, but you're still having challenges exercising regularly, coaching with me will help you to gain clarity and understanding about what your specific struggles or true blocks are and what you need to do to overcome and unblock them!  

If you want to lose weight, I can help you to successfully lose weight and keep it off, with my four pillar detox coaching system, as the most common causes of weight gain and difficulty losing weight (in addition to poor diet and lack of exercise) that I have seen (especially with women) are excessive or chronic stress, emotional eating, negative beliefs and thinking patterns, lack of self-love and self-care, low self-esteem, lack of fulfillment in life, lack of healthy boundaries and stressful, challenging relationships.


Together, one step at a time, with the power of your body, mind, heart and spirit, I will guide, support and coach you to reach your holistic health and wellness goals!

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"Sophia is the best holistic wellness coach on the planet!  I love her whole person, approach. I've achieved all of my wellness goals, as well as my relationship and life goals because of her amazing guidance and support!"  - Mary S.