Healthy Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness Coaching


Sophia taught and coached thousands of men and women from all over the country and world for 15 years at the Optimum Health Institute, an internationally known health and wellness retreat center in San Diego, California. She taught and coached people with every kind of health challenge you can imagine, including life-threatening illness, chronic illness, chronic pain, weight conditions, heart conditions, auto immune disease, anxiety, stress and fatigue to name just a few. 

Having experienced her own health challenges and the loss of her mother to cancer when she was young, Sophia understands what people are going through when they suffer physically or emotionally, be it with illness, fatigue, anxiety, stress or pain. She is a very compassionate and intuitive master coach and an expert at helping people to understand and utilize the deep interconnection between their body, mind, emotions and spirit. This supports  healing on all levels and helps you transform both your body and your life.

Although each person's needs will be specific and unique to them, here are the seven steps of Sophia's healthy body-mind-spirit wellness coaching process:

1- Stress management and how to get the body into a relaxed, healing state.

2 - How to utilize the power of the heart and emotions to cultivate inner peace, health and healing.

3 - How to utilize the body-mind connection for health and healing.  How to uncover and release the subconscious beliefs or blocks they may have to weight loss or to the achievement of health and wellness goals.

4 - How to practice self-love, self-acceptance and self-compassion to enhance their health and healing. 

5 - How to communicate needs and desires effectively from their heart in relationships and how this positively effects the state of their health.

6 - How to discover and listen to the deeper messages of their physical symptoms to facilitate deep and lasting holistic healing. How to connect with, listen to and trust their intuition with health-related decisions.

7- How to experiment with spiritual tools to help increase inner peace, self-awareness and facilitate holistic healing, such as various kinds of meditation, journaling, music, deep breathing and guided imagery.



See items below for the help and support you need to begin creating the healthy body, mind and spirit your heart desires! Click on each image for more information.