Healthy Love and Life Relationship Coaching for Women


Healthy Love and Life Relationship Coaching


For women wanting to create a heart-centered, fulfilling life, attract a loving partner, renew and reconcile with an ex-partner, improve their relationship with a current partner, or who are going through a break-up or divorce.


Discover the Empowered Woman Within Journey to Creating the Loving Relationships and Fulfilling Life You Want and Deserve with my Seven Step Healthy Love and Life Transformation System!








 The state of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are all interconnected. The state of your health, relationships and life are interconnected. You are a powerful woman.Your power is within you. Your power is love, starting with self-love and Divine Love. 

You are worthy and lovable just as you are. You are innately worthy of all that your heart desires. You have the power to create the healthy love and life you want and deserve.

Seven Step Healthy Love and Life Transformation System




Based on Sophia's Book: Secrets of the Empowered Woman - Create the Healthy Love and Life You Want and Deserve 



Introduction and Overview - AWAKEN your Empowered Woman Within


Discover and understand the five foundational empowered woman principles to begin changing how you perceive and experience life, love and relationships.



Steps 1-7 - EMBRACE AND EMBODY your Empowered Woman Within


Learn how to shift your energy from the inside out and align with the power of love in all seven of your chakras, to change unhealthy relationship patterns, improve current relationships, navigate through a break-up or divorce, attract healthy love with a new partner or renew and reconcile your relationship with an ex-partner. Create the happiness in both love and life that you desire and deserve with the following seven steps:


1- Grounding, Loving Your Body, Cultivating a Sense of Safety, Security and Trust Within Yourself


2 - Awakening and Embracing Your Empowered Feminine Energy and Mastering Your Emotions


3 - Increasing Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem, Changing False Beliefs and Creating Healthy Boundaries an Standards


4 - Accepting Your Lovability, Connecting eith Your Heart and the Power of Love - Self-Love, Relationship Love and Divine Love


5 - Empowered Loving Communication - Embracing Your Vulnerability and Speaking Your Truth with Love


6 - Manifesting Your Heart's Desires with Your Intuition, Imagination and Empowered Feminine Energy


7 - Co-Creating Your Life with a Higher Power, Letting Go of Fear-Based Attachment and Cultivating Faith




See items below for the help and support you need to begin attracting or creating the healthy loving relationship your heart desires! Click on each image for more information.


For additional help see my Book page and the Free page on this website.