For the woman who knows she's meant for more...



Discover the Empowered Woman Within Journey to Creating the Healthy Love and Life You Want and Deserve!



Are you wanting to feel a sense of inner peace and calm or more feelings of love and happiness in your relationships or life?


Would you like to know how to let go of the stress and stop struggling, searching or settling for less than you want and deserve ?


Learn how to find inner peace and manifest your healthy love and life dreams from the inside out with The Love Heals Method and my Empowered Woman Within three step transformation system!








The Love Heals Method

Coaching Philosophy



The state of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are all interconnected.


The state of your health, relationships and life are interconnected.
You are a powerful woman.
Your power in within you.
Your power is love, starting with self-love and Divine Love.
You are worthy and lovable just as you are.
You are innately worthy of all that your heart desires.
You have the power to create the peaceful, healthy love and life you want and deserve.








Learn how to cultivate feelings of peace, love and happiness from within.


Learn how to transform the stress of struggling, searching or settling in your relationships or life into creating and enjoying the peaceful, healthy love and life you truly want and deserve!



Step 1 - AWAKEN your Empowered Woman Within: Discover and understand the five key empowered woman principles.


Step 2 - EMBRACE your Empowered Woman Within: Learn the seven spiritual secrets of the empowered woman and how to be a spiritually calm, loving and empowered woman in all seven of your chakras. Understand how they are all interconnected and learn how to transform your energy with love in each chakra so you can create the peaceful, healthy love and life your heart desires!


Step 3 - EMBODY your Empowered Woman Within: Continue practicing being the loving, calm and powerful woman that you truly are with present moment awareness, as you embody the seven spiritual secrets of the empowered woman in every relationship and in every aspect of your life!








Let go of the stress and struggle, stop searching or settling...learn how to find your calm, peaceful center and how to create the healthy love and life you truly want and deserve...


Join the Empowered Woman Within movement!


When you learn the spiritual secrets to cultivating feelings of peace, love and happiness in your inner world, you can more easily and successfully create what you want in your external world!


Learn how to:

~ release fear and anxiety

~ reduce stress and practice mindfulness

~ find your calm center and feel safe and secure,

~ love your body and enjoy being a woman

~ awaken your empowered feminine energy

~ embrace your passion & creativity

~ understand and master you emotions

~ meet your two core emotional needs

~ uncover subconscious blocks/change false beliefs

~ have healthy boundaries

~ increase self-esteem and self-confidence

~ change disempowering relationship patterns

~ love and forgive yourself and others

~ listen to your heart

~ communicate and speak your truth with love

~ trust and follow your intuition

~ manifest your true heart's desires

~ perceive challenges as opportunities for spiritual growth

~ find spiritual or meditative practices that you love and enjoy

~ release fear-based attachment to desired outcomes and trust in divine timing

~ and more!



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I look forward to hearing from you!


~Sophia Rose


"Sophia's Empowered Woman Within 8-month Coaching Program is incredible, my entire life has changed for the better, especially how I feel about myself and relationships. I feel so confident and empowered that I am finally pursuing my passion as far as work, and feel worthy of the kind of loving relationship I want. I feel calm, centered and emotionally balanced, even during stressful times. Sophia's coaching has helped me to uplevel in all areas of my life, including my physical health!"


- Bonnie W.




"Sophia's Empowered Woman Within 8- week coaching program was very supportive and helpful to me when I lost my job. I feel more steady and calm. I'm learning how to ground and center myself and have found her guided meditations to be very helpful. She's very insightful and intuitive and also helped me to understand what has been preventing me from having the kind of relationship I want. I feel stronger and more confident now knowing that I am on my way to fulfilling both my career and relationship dreams as I enter a new phase of my life. I'm so grateful for Sophia's guidance and support."


- Donna M. 




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