Healthy Love and Life Coaching for Women


Healthy Love and Life Coaching For Women

Having Healthy Loving Relationships With Others is One of the 12 Dimensions of Holistic Health and Wellness

This eight session coaching program delves more deeply into how your relationships affect your health and your life.  It offers you a roadmap for changing your unfulfilling relationship patterns by teaching you how to have a loving relationship with yourself and how to embody the love you've been seeking in others, so you can attract or create  healthy, conscious love with others. Learn how self-love and self-empowerment positively influences your relationships and the state of your physical health. Includes free empowering and relaxing guided meditations from my guided meditation sanctuary.

For women wanting to improve their overall health, attract a new loving partner, release or reconcile with an ex-partner, improve their relationship with a current partner or with family members and other loved ones, or who need empowering and compassionate support while navigating through and recovering from a painful break-up or divorce.

Discover the five foundational empowered woman principles to begin changing how you perceive and experience love and relationships.

Learn how to change your energy with love from the inside out with my empowering, seven step healthy love and life  transformation system - tailored to your unique and specific needs, goals and desires in each coaching session. Learn powerful tools and practices for each step and in each session.

1.) Get grounded, connect with and love your body, cultivate a sense of safety, security and trust within yourself, take good care of your health, release anxiety, stress or fear and relax into love.

2.) Awaken and embrace your creative, empowered feminine energy, learn how to feel, master and understand the important messages of your emotions, reparent your inner child and make peace with your past.

3.) Increase your self-confidence and self-esteem, release false beliefs, change your self-concept and have healthy boundaries and standards instead of needy expectations, uncover and release subconscious fears and blocks to having the healthy loving relationships you desire, and claim your worthiness from within.

4.) Accept your unconditional lovability, connect with your heart and the power of love - self-love, relationship love and divine love, practice self-compassion, self-acceptance and forgiveness for yourself and others. Keep your heart open to love.

5.) Learn and practice empowered loving communication skills, understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy vulnerability and how to speak your truth with love. 

6.) Strengthen, trust and follow your intuition and manifest your heart's desires with the power of music and your emotions, your imagination and empowered feminine energy, release whatever has been dimming your light and allow your light to shine.

7.) Co-create the healthy loving relationships and life you desire with the help of a higher power and a divine loving intelligence, embody the love that you are, develop your own unique relationship with the Divine with prayer or meditation, let go of fear-based attachment, trust in divine timing and cultivate faith.

Awaken, embrace and embody your true self - your calm, loving, empowered woman within - and  create the healthy love and happiness in life that you want and deserve!

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