If you've been struggling, settling or unhappy in your relationships or life and you're ready to learn how to truly love yourself and step into your power as a woman, so you can manifest the healthy love and life of your dreams.... I'm here to support and empower you!




Throughout the past two decades that I have been a teacher, counselor and coach, I have seen that the state of a woman's health, life and relationships are all interconnected.




I noticed that what I was really teaching women underneath the specific details of why they came to see me for support was not just how to heal or rejuvenate their body, mind, heart and spirit. I was teaching them how to love themselves and how to become a more empowered woman in their relationships and life. This is what enabled them to create the healthy love and life their heart desired.




You too can learn how to stop settling or struggling and manifest your healthy love and life dreams... from the inside out... with The Love Heals Method.





Within the following five steps of The Love Heals Method, you'll learn how to awaken and embrace seven aspects of your feminine wisdom, energy and power, so you can create the healthy love and life your heart desires.




Each woman is unique, so coaching sessions are always tailored to your specific needs and desires:


1 - Learn how to stay grounded and centered, release stress, fear or anxiety with various meditative tools and techniques, cultivate trust and nurture, strengthen or develop a consistent connection and your unique, personal relationship with your Spiritual Source.


2 - Learn how to practice self-love, how to have a healthy loving relationship with yourself, and how to have healthy, loving relationships with others, which includes having healthy boundaries and learning empowered, loving communication skills.



3 - Learn how to awaken and embrace your empowered feminine energy, master your emotions, heal your inner little girl, release the past and practice forgiveness with yourself and others, so you can respond with love from your empowered woman self, instead of react from fear when you are emotionally triggered.



4 - Learn how to identify, release and reprogram your false beliefs, change disempowering habits and relationship patterns and greatly increase your self-confidence and self-esteem.


5 - Gain clarity on what you desire through your heart and soul, then let go of fear-based control and attachment to outcomes and instead cultivate faith, practice seeing things from a higher perspective, listen to and follow your intuition and take inspired action from your heart to manifest your healthy love and life dreams.




Are you ready to become an empowered woman?


Are you ready to step into your feminine wisdom, energy and power? 


Are you ready to stop settling and create the healthy love and life your heart truly desires?



Your next step...



Schedule your first one hour video coaching session, by messaging me through the Contact page on this website or email me at (first time one hour video coaching sessions are just $99!)


Or schedule a Let's Connect 30-minute phone coaching session with me.

This is an opportunity for you to receive guidance and support and to ask me any questions that you may have about coaching with me. I look forward to connecting with you!

To request a "Let's Connect" 30-minutes for $30 consultation, email: or send me a message through the contact section on this website. 

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


“I have had many insights and breakthroughs during my coaching sessions with Sophia. Her empowering coaching and relaxing guided meditations helped me through a very challenging time and assisted me in creating a whole new life. The empowered loving communication skills she taught me greatly improved my relationship with my husband and family. I now understand what it means to be in my power as a woman and that my greatest power is love! Thank you Sophia!

- Sharon L. 

“ For many years I was very hard on myself, felt stressed and not good enough most of the time...suffered with low self-esteem, various health problems and unhappy, unhealthy relationships.  After coaching with Sophia I am no longer consumed by worry and anxiety, I have learned how to relax my body and find peace in in my heart and soul. I feel healthy and happy. I have learned how to have a loving relationship with myself and how to communicate and set healthy boundaries with others. I am finally in a healthy loving relationship. Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of her help!!”

-Mary J.


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