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"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." ~ Rumi

Having healthy loving relationships with others is a very important component of holistic health and wellness, and this starts with having a very healthy, loving relationship with yourself!  As a Master Certified Healthy Love Coach, 

  I'll help you to:

- Discover the root causes of your love and relationship challenges and how to overcome them

- Learn how to make the deep and lasting relationship changes you desire by fully embodying your Empowered Woman Within

~ Develop a healthy loving relationship with yourself

~ Recognize unhealthy or unwanted behavior or treatment from others

~ Learn how to set healthy boundaries with love and practice empowered loving communication skills

~ Navigate through and recover from a  relationship break-up, divorce or loss of a loved one

~ Identify, release and replace false beliefs about love, relationships, men or women and limiting, false beliefs about yourself

~Rewire your subconscious mind to align with your conscious mind's goals or desires

~ Work through relationship conflicts or challenges with a partner, friend or family member

~ Reconcile or finally let go of your ex

~ Recognize, understand and change your unfulfilling relationship patterns

~ Understand the deeper soul purpose of your intimate relationships

~ Attract or create the kind of healthy, mutually loving relationships you desire 


Empowered Woman Wellness


Changing habits, managing stress, building self-confidence, rewiring limiting false beliefs, growing through our challenges and finding a sense of meaning and purpose in our life are all very important components of holistic health and wellness. We can't separate our life from our health, because how we respond to life affects our health...everything is interconnected!

As a Master Certified Life Coach, I'll help you to:

~Develop unshakeable, high-level, true self-confidence

~Change unwanted habits into healthy, self-care and desired life habits 

~ Find meaning in, navigate and grow through uncertainty, life challenges, life changes and life transitions

~ Transform your pain into power and create desired changes from the inside out

~ Overcome your fear of change and develop change confidence 

~ Learn how to become more resilient by cultivating an abundance and growth mindset, bounce back sooner from stress and adversity

~ Identify, release and replace limiting, false beliefs, develop a success mindset take inspired, empowered action toward your goals or desires

~ Get to the underlying root causes of why you might be sabotaging the achievement of your wellness, career or life goals and rewire your brain for success

~ Learn how to work WITH yourself from an empowering and  loving space (rather than against yourself with judgement), to achieve your life goals

- Learn how to be a vibrational match to what your heart desires and manifest your life dreams from the inside out!

" I found coaching with Sophia to be tremendously helpful...not only do I have a much more healthy and loving relationship with myself, but it has helped to improve my relationship with my family, and to finally let go of an ex-boyfriend so I can open my heart to someone new!"

  -Kaylee S

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