About Sophia


Hello, I’m Sophia Rose, Healthy Love and Life Coach, Teacher, Speaker and Author. For the past 25 years, I have been an inspirational teacher and transformational coach for thousands of people from all over the country and world...teaching and coaching at holistic healing centers, such as Healthy Within and the internationally known Optimum Health Institute's holistic health and wellness retreat center, where I was a teacher and coach for over 15 years.


I currently teach workshops for program guests at Vera Via, a luxury health and wellness resort and Forbes 5 star retreat center, located in the beautiful city of Carlsbad, California and voted one of the top five best places in the world for mind body rejuvenation by The Wall Street Journal.


I am a Master Certified Healthy Love and Life Coach (International Coaching Federation accredited).


With my private coaching practice, empowering audio courses and relaxing guided meditations (and in my forthcoming book), I teach health-conscious women who are struggling or settling in their relationships or life, how to awaken and embrace their feminine wisdom, energy and power, so they can create the healthy love and life they desire and deserve.



I teach women about the natural, inborn power that they have to manifest their healthy love and life dreams from the inside out, with an empowering, heart-centered coaching process that I created and call, The Love Heals Method.


What I really teach women, underneath the specific details of why they come to me for support is not just how to heal, transform or rejuvenate their body, mind, heart and spirit. I teach them how to truly love themselves and how to become a more empowered woman in their relationships and life...this is what enables them to create the healthy body, love and life that their heart truly desires!


My specialty is working with women, but of course I have taught and coached many men over the years, and provide coaching services for men also!




My areas of expertise include:


- Holistic (body-mind-spirit) healing and healthy living

- Conscious love and healthy loving relationships

- Increasing self-love and healing codependency

- Raising self-esteem and increasing self-confidence

- Empowered loving communication/healthy boundaries

- Women's empowerment - embracing your natural feminine wisdom, energy and power

- Spirituality, meditation and mindfulness

- Stress management

- Subconscious mind reprogramming

- Inner child healing

- Emotional mastery, healing and forgiveness

- Weight loss/body image issues

- Grief and loss healing

- Moving from life transitions to life transformation


In addition to over 25 years of professional experience as a teacher, counselor and coach, my own personal life experiences and relationship journey allow me to greatly understand and empathize with the health, love or life challenges that you may be experiencing.


It was in fact my own health, life and relationship challenges and significant losses, including the loss of my mother to cancer when I was young, that led me to my own healthy love and life transformation and that became the passion behind and the inspiration for my life's work.


If you've been struggling, settling or unhappy in your relationships or with your body and your health, and you want to learn how to become a more empowered woman so you can create the healthy love and life that you desire and deserve... I would love to work with you!



Email me at: sophiarose@cox.net or send me a message through the contact page on this website.


I look forward to hearing from you!





 " As a woman entrepreneur, finding my Healthy Love and Life Coach, Sophia Rose, was such a blessing. She has not only helped me greatly in my personal life...with my health, love and relationships of all kinds (with my family, romantic partners, etc), but she has also helped me with the emotional and spiritual aspects of my business. I cannot say enough positive words about Sophia's value to my overall well-being. She is so skilled as a coach in identifying issues and dedicated to her client's well being and to the positive outcome of each session. I highly recommend Sophia's coaching to any woman who wants to experience healthy true love, a healthy body and the healthy life that she dreams of and desires!"


~ Biba of Biba Los Angeles, Celebrity Master Esthetician




"Sophia's coaching has been a true blessing to me. She has such an abundance of knowledge, wisdom and empathy for women going through a life crisis and for women's issues in general. I felt so supported and empowered by her coaching! Through our coaching sessions I have gained so much more strength and confidence in myself. I am so grateful to have her continued support and guidance as I navigate through a big transition in my life."


~ Nancy Nelsen RN, MSN




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