About Sophia


Hello, I’m Sophia! Master certified healthy love and life coach, spiritual coach, inspirational teacher, speaker, author and creator of The Love Heals Method, an empowering, heart-centered coaching process that helps women create the health, love and happiness they desire from the inside out.


My extensive experience includes teaching and coaching thousands of women from all over the country and world for 15 years at the Optimum Health Institute, an internationally known holistic (body-mind-spirit) health and wellness retreat center in San Diego, California.


During my many years of work as a teacher and coach in the holistic health and personal development field, I observed that the state of a woman's health, life and relationships are all interconnected. Over time I came to realize that what I was really teaching thousands of women - underneath the many details of why they came to me for support - was not just how to heal or transform their bodies, minds, hearts and spirits.


I was teaching them how to relax and let go of stress, how to love themselves and how to become more empowered women in their relationships and in their lives. I was teaching them how to discover and release whatever was blocking them from creating the healthy love and life they truly wanted and deserved!


In addition to being a master certified coach, teacher and speaker, I am the author of the inspirational book, Secrets of the Empowered Woman - Create the Healthy Love and Life You Want and Deserve, and the creator of over 25 relaxing and empowering guided meditations.


I believe that every woman, no matter her age or past struggles and experiences, can learn how to relax and let go of stress and manifest her healthy love and life dreams from the inside out, with my empowering and heart-centered coaching process, The Love Heals Method.








-Heart-centered stress management
~Holistic (body-mind-heart-spirit) wellness and healing
- Conscious love and healthy loving relationships
-Transformational mindset coaching
-Emotional intelligence and healing
- Meditation and mindfulness
`Women's spirituality and empowerment
- Releasing blocks and rewiring your subconscious mind
- Increasing self-love and transforming codependency
- Raising self-esteem and increasing self-confidence
- Empowered loving communication and healthy boundaries
- Intuition, self-empowerment and the chakra system
- Understanding and working with the body-mind connection
-Manifesting your love and life dreams from the inside out




I believe you are here for a reason and that you're meant to manifest what your heart desires. With my signature coaching process, The Love Heals Method, you'll learn how to relax and let go of stress and remove the blocks to fulfilling your heart's desires, so you can create the healthy love and life you truly want and deserve!


If you're ready to learn how to manifest your healthy love and life dreams from the inside out and want to find out if coaching with me is a good fit, click the contact button below to request a free 30-minute consultation!


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 " As a woman entrepreneur, finding Sophia Rose, was such a blessing. She not only helped me greatly in my personal life...with my health and with love and relationships of all kinds (family, romantic partners, etc), but it also helped me with the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my career, which took my business to a whole new level. I cannot say enough positive words about Sophia's value to my overall well-being. She is so skilled as a coach in identifying blocks and dedicated to her client's well being and to the positive outcome of each session. I highly recommend Sophia's coaching, it has changed and improved my life in so many wonderful ways."


~ Biba de Sousa of Biba Los Angeles Skin Care




"Sophia's coaching has been a true blessing to me. I have learned how to let go, relax and find inner peace despite challenging life circumstances. I have gained more inner strength and greater confidence in myself. I'm taking action toward both my career and love relationship goals and feel so inspired and happy with the positive results I have experienced in my work, with my health and in my relationships because of my coaching with Sophia!"


~ Nancy Nelsen RN, MSN



"Thanks to Sophia's coaching, I feel a sense of peace and personal power that I have never felt before. I am more calm, mindful and focused on what's truly important to me. I found the courage to end a relationship that I was not happy in and have now met a wonderful new man! I could not have done this without Sophia's very helpful guidance and support!"


~ Adele Higgins