Optimum Health 21-Day Mini-Teaching/Meditation Bundle

Optimum Health 21-Day Mini-Teaching/Meditation Bundle

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This is a lovely set of 21 five-minute mini-teaching/meditations to help you with your optimum body-mind-spirit health related goals such as weight loss, stress reduction, etc. 

Includes one five-minute mini-teaching/meditation that is yours to keep sent to you daily by email for 21 days...

These 5-minute mini-teaching/meditations are inspirational, educational and experiential...and best of all they will fit into your busy schedule! 


Day 1 - Having an Optimum Health Body-Mind-Spirit Vision

Day 2 - Grounding, Breathing and Present Moment Awareness

Day 3- Relaxation and Digestion

Day 4 - Loving Your Body

Day 5 - Listening to Your Body

Day 6 - Choosing Peaceful Thoughts

Day 7 - Understanding the Connection Between Your Body, Mind and Emotions

Day 8 - Rest, Relaxation and Meditative Brainwave States

Day 9 - Moving Your Body and Exercising with Conscious Awareness, Love and Gratitude

Day 10 - Having a Sense of Humor and the Importance of Laughter and Play

Day 11 - Sleep

Day 12 - Self-Compassion

Day 13 - Self-Care: Making Your Health a Priority

Day 14 - Your Personal Power Within

Day 15 - Healthy Boundaries

Day 16 - Energy Healing

Day 17 - Forgiveness

Day 18 - Enjoying the Journey of Your Life

Day 19 - Feeling Safe and Supported

Day 20 - Staying Motivated

Day 21 - Celebrating Your Success