Heart-Centered Stress Management Coaching



Heart-Centered Stress Management Coaching

Through both my own personal experience and my professional training, I have found that learning how to mange stress is one of the most important keys to achieving optimum health.  Are you tired of feeling anxious, tense or stressed? Are your fears and worries keeping you up at night? If so, I can explore this with you more deeply and provide you with the support that you need.

It's hard to create what you want in love, work or life, or with your body and your health, when you're in a state of fear, stress and survival. There is an easier way. You can learn how to relax, feel inner peace and master stress with the power of your heart and love.

This eight session coaching package and program offers you a roadmap for reducing and mastering the stress in your life, and for learning how to use it as an opportunity to develop a sense of inner peace, inner strength, self-empowerment and trust in yourself and in life, that will see you through any kind of current or future challenge you may face. Includes free relaxing and empowering downloadable guided meditations.

For women wanting to learn how to reduce and master stress, find inner peace and calm in the midst of uncertainty, learn how to overcome stressful challenges and receive support navigating through life changes , losses and transitions with greater confidence and ease.

Although each woman's needs will be different, utilizing my unique and powerful coaching process, The Love Heals Method, here are the seven steps of my Master Stress and Feel Inner Peace heart-centered stress management coaching program, that will be tailored to your specific needs, goals and desires, where you will learn how to:

1.) Release fear and reduce anxiety, relax your body and mind with the power of your heart, practice present moment awareness, connect with the energy of love and trust in your heart.

2.) Feel, master and understand the messages of your emotions , increase your emotional intelligence, learn heart coherence practices to reduce stress, stay emotionally balanced and activate inner peace and calm.

3.) Choose your mental perception, master your mindset, create new positive neural pathways in your brain to reduce stress, increase happiness and activate inner peace and calm.

4.) Open your heart and cultivate more love, gratitude and compassion for yourself and others.

5.) Communicate from your heart and learn how to set healthy boundaries with love.

6.) Listen to your intuitive heart and take inspired action toward what you desire.

7.) Feel the loving, peaceful presence of Divine Love with Heart Connection Meditation or other meditative spiritual practices of your choice.

Master stress and feel inner peace and calm. Become more resilient and overcome stressful changes or challenges with greater confidence and ease. Learn how to release fear, anxiety, worry or stress with the power of your heart and love!

You can click on the images below to learn more about different ways to work with me and to see other items, such as guided meditations for the help and support you need to begin reducing and managing your stress with heart-centered stress management!