Heart-Centered Stress Management Coaching



It's hard to create what you want in love, work or life (or with your body and your health) when you're in a state of fear, stress and survival. There is an easier way.

You can learn how to relax, feel inner peace and master stress with the power of your heart, when you learn the seven steps of 

Heart-Centered Stress Management 

1- Releasing Fear and Relaxing Your Body, Present Moment Awareness, Connecting with the Energy of Love and Trust in Your Heart 

2 - Understanding and Mastering Your Emotions and Practicing Heart Coherence

3 - Choosing Your Perception with Heart and Mastering Your Mind

4 -  Heart Opening - Cultivating Love and Compassion for Self and Others

5- Communicating from the Heart and Mastering Healthy Boundaries

  6 - Listening to Your Intuitive Heart and Taking Inspired Action to Manifest What You Desire

7- Feeling the Loving , Peaceful Presence of Spirit with Heart Connection Meditation or Other Meditative Spiritual Practices


Feel calm, relaxed and centered.

Become more resilient and overcome stressful changes or challenges with greater confidence and ease.

Learn how to release fear and master stress with the power of your heart and love. Improve your health and create what you want in your relationships, work and life, with your calm, peaceful, empowered self!

See items below for the help and support you need to begin reducing and managing your stress with the power of your heart and love! Click on each image for more information.