Secrets of the Empowered Woman Coaching Program





Have you been struggling or settling for less than you want and deserve in your relationships or life?

  Most women with love or life challenges are primarily focused on their outer relationships and external life circumstances, when real and lasting change starts with your energy and comes from within...

OPTION ONE: Schedule a 60-minute Chakra Love Power Consultation to:

- Assess your current chakra love power in all seven chakras, what beliefs you need to change and how to change them to bring you into vibrational alignment with what your heart desires!

- Receive Secrets of the Empowered Woman recommendations for your specific needs and desires to help you embody your true empowered woman self and begin transforming your health, relationships, and life!

OPTION TWO: If you need more support or want to go further and deeper with coaching, you can proceed with my  Secrets of the Empowered Woman eight  session coaching program, where you'll learn how to be a powerful woman with love in all seven of your chakras, to help you create the health, relationships and life you want and deserve!

Learn how to change your beliefs and shift your energy with love and bring balance, healing and empowerment to your chakras and to every aspect of your life! 

You are a beautiful and powerful woman when you are heart-centered and in a state of love.


When you change your state of being and your energy, you change your life!

  In addition to being a master certified wellness, love and life coach, teacher and author (see About Sophia), as a heart-centered meditation and mindfulness coach, I  have studied and been trained in women's spirituality, intuitive development, heart-centered reiki healing, chakra balancing, yoga, belly dance, and the art of cultivating feminine energy, presence, and power.

  I'm the creator of over 25 downloadable guided meditations, including eight  feminine power chakra mantra meditations, and two Beauty Within feminine empowerment relaxation meditations.

My uplifting, Empowered Woman Within downloadable guided meditation will take you on an empowering journey through your seven chakras, helping you to relax, increase your self-confidence and promote holistic body-mind-spirit transformation. This beautiful guided meditation is a FREE gift, and the ideal companion to my book.

Schedule your 60-minute Chakra Love Power Consultation today by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and clicking on the purple heart images! 

If you need more support or would like to go deeper and further,  your next step would be to enroll in my eight session SECRETS OF THE EMPOWERED WOMAN coaching program,  tailored to your specific needs and desires, and where you'll learn how to:

Be a powerful woman with love in CHAKRA ONE - Learn how to release stress and anxiety and become more grounded, present, mindful, calm and relaxed. Learn how to love, listen to and care for your body and your health, and how to cultivate a sense of safety, security and trust within yourself

 Be a powerful woman with love in CHAKRA TWO - Learn how to embrace and awaken your feminine energy, presence and power. Learn how to feel, navigate through and master your emotions, practice self-care  and meet your emotional needs, embrace your creativity, sexuality and sensuality and love being a woman! 

Be a powerful woman with love in CHAKRA THREE - Learn how to increase your self-confidence, self-esteem and feelings of worthiness, release feelings of "not good enough," learn how to set healthy boundaries instead of having needy expectations, learn how to work with your chakras to release and replace limiting or false beliefs, subconscious fears or blocks to having what you want and rewire your brain and your vibration to align with your conscious desires

Be a powerful woman with love in CHAKRA FOUR - Learn how to connect with and listen to your heart to create a fulfilling life, learn how to love and accept yourself unconditionally, develop a healthy, loving relationship with yourself and create healthy loving relationships with others. Learn how to practice compassion and forgiveness with yourself and others

Be a powerful woman with love in CHAKRA FIVE - Learn effective, empowered loving communication skills. Learn how to embrace your vulnerability, be authentic and speak your truth from your heart and with love, allow your true self to be seen and known and communicate in ways that bring you closer to those you love.

Be a powerful woman with love in CHAKRA SIX - Learn how to be more mindful, magnetic and attractive to what you want in love and life, and how to manifest your desires with your women's intuition, imagination and empowered feminine energy. Allow your unique inner and outer beauty and light to shine (at any age!)

Be a powerful woman with love in CHAKRA SEVEN - Learn how to develop or strengthen your relationship with the Divine in your own unique way, find a spiritual, meditation or prayer practice that you love and enjoy, let go of fear-based attachment to the outcomes you desire, trust in Divine timing, learn how be happy and feel love now by connecting with your heart, while cultivating faith and focusing on your desired vision for your future!


"Amazing, beautiful coaching helped me so much in every area of my life, Sophia helped me to understand the messages of my emotions, to reduce anxiety and stress, to change the beliefs and patterns that were really holding me back, both at work and in my relationships! I've learned to really trust my intuition and I'm taking inspired action toward my goals from a calm and empowered place, enjoying the journey and every success or goal I've achieved along the way!  I highly recommend this coaching program with Sophia if you want to make positive changes with your health, in your relationships and in your life as a whole!

- Margaret C.

To begin your Secrets of the Empowered Woman journey today...

Schedule your 60-minute Chakra Love Power Consultation  by clicking on the images below...once you make your purchase, you'll receive an email to schedule your session!

I look forward to speaking with you and seeing you soon!