Heart-Centered Meditation and Mindfulness Coaching



Specializing in Heart-Centered Meditation and Mindfulness for Women


It's hard to create what you want in love or life, or with your body and your health, when you're in a state of fear, anxiety, stress and survival.

There is an easier way. You can learn how to relax, feel inner peace and master stress with the power of your heart and love.

Learn how to reduce and master stress and how you can use it as an opportunity to develop an ongoing sense of inner peace, self-empowerment and trust in yourself and in life, that will see you through any kind of current or future challenge you may face.

Schedule virtual one hour coaching sessions as needed or invest in an eight session coaching program that includes FREE relaxing and empowering downloadable guided meditations from my Guided Meditation Sanctuary and my 21-Day Optimum Health Mini-Teaching and Meditation Bundle! 

Discover how to find inner peace and calm in the midst of stress or uncertainty.

Learn how to overcome stressful challenges and receive support navigating through life changes,  losses and transitions with greater confidence and ease.

Learn how to release fear, anxiety, worry or stress with the power of your heart and love!



Would you like to learn how to meditate or be more mindful? I offer individualized heart-centered meditation and mindfulness coaching for your unique needs and desires. The way to become more mindful is to actually move out of your mind and into your heart, this leads to infinite love, peace, creativity, abundance, happiness and success! To be in your power as a woman is to be in a state in love. Meditation is a state of being. Love is your power and everything you seek is truly all within you!

As a certified mindfulness coach and meditation teacher, I'll teach you how to become more present and heart-centered. I'll help you to discover the many health benefits of meditation and mindfulness and the various ways of slowing your brainwaves down, so you can relax into a healing, peaceful and meditative body-mind state.

This can help you to heal your body and reduce stress or anxiety. It can also help you to identify and release false or limiting beliefs that have been holding you back in stagnant patterns and preventing you from stepping into your true feminine power and potential.

You'll learn that underneath the upsets, anxiety, stress and challenges in your life there are very often insecurities and fears, false beliefs, personal judgements and feelings of separation or disconnection.

You'll learn how to work through these upsets and challenges with mindfulness, heart-centered meditation and love, so that you can feel a sense of wholeness and inner peace.

You'll learn how to release old patterns and spark a new way of thinking and feeling, and discover how to empower yourself to live in a state of love, wellness, inner peace and joy, recognizing that anything is possible!


Schedule one hour sessions as needed or invest in an eight session stress management and/or meditation and mindfulness coaching program and receive FREE downloadable relaxing and empowering guided meditations from my Guided Meditation Sanctuary and my 21-Day Optimum Health Mini-Teaching and Meditation bundle!

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Start reducing and managing your stress today with heart-centered stress management, meditation  and mindfulness coaching!