Hire Sophia to speak at a meeting or teach wellness workshops and ongoing classes at your wellness center or retreat,  health spa, health resort, weight loss or fitness center, business or organization.  Custom workshops and classes are designed to meet the specific needs, interests and desires of your audience, clients, guests or employees.  (619) 248-7146


Possible workshop/class topics, depending on your specific needs, interests and desires, include:


- Stress Management, Mindfulness and the Power of Meditative Brainwave States

- Utilizing the Power of Your Mind to Stay Healthy and Strong

- How to Achieve Your Health and Wellness Goals

- Your Body Speaks Your Mind - Healing and the Body-Mind Connection 

- Healthy Self-Care, Self-Love and Self-Esteem

- How to Master Your Emotions for Health and Well Being 

- Healthy Loving Relationships, Healthy Boundaries and Effective Communication Skills

- How to Harness the Power of Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind to Change Unwanted Habits, Release False Beliefs and Create Your Desired Future

Specifically FOR WOMEN:

- The Empowered Woman - Seven Steps to Creating the Healthy Love and Life You Desire and Deserve

This unique presentation takes you on an empowering journey through your body's seven chakras.

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