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How to Create Healthy Body-Mind-Spirit Wellness

Excellent topic for body-mind-spirit health spas and retreats, natural or integrative medicine centers, weight loss centers and workplace wellness programs. 

The world is becoming increasingly more complex and changing by the minute, leading to stress-related illness, anxiety and discomfort for many of us. Learn an integrated, whole person 12-dimension model of health and wellness to help improve your overall health and well-being, and to help you stay healthy and strong despite uncertain or challenging times. Learn how making small changes and improvements in one wellness dimension positively affects all of the other dimensions and begin creating the healthy body-mind-spirit wellness your heart desires today!



Secrets of the Empowered Woman  Create the Healthy Love and Life You Want and Deserve 

Based on Sophia's book, this is excellent topic for women's groups and meetings, body-mind-spirit health and wellness centers or businesses, bookstores and yoga centers.

Learn the foundational five empowered woman principles to begin changing how you perceive and experience love and relationships.

Learn how to create the loving relationships and fulfilling life you desire from the inside out with Sophia's seven step healthy love and life transformation system.

Align with the power of love in all seven of your chakras, to transform painful relationship patterns into healthy, conscious love, improve your relationship with a current partner, with family members or other loved ones, release, heal or reconcile and renew your relationship with an ex-partner or attract healthy love with a new partner.

Learn how to awaken, embrace and embody your Empowered Woman Within to attract or create the happiness in both love and life that you desire and deserve.


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