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Have you been struggling or settling for less than you want and deserve in your relationships or life? Most women with love, career or life challenges are primarily focused on their outer relationships and external life circumstances, when real and lasting change needs to start from within.

Learn how to create the health, love and happiness your heart truly desires - from the inside out - with Sophia's book, Secrets of the Empowered Woman. 

Discover the foundational five empowered woman principles and seven empowered woman secrets to start transforming your health, relationships and life.

Learn how to connect with your Empowered Woman Within and be a powerful woman with love in all seven of your chakras to create the health, love and happiness in life that you desire and deserve!

Secrets of the Empowered Woman is the rare personal development book that offers both spiritual wisdom and tangible skills that you can use in your relationships, to improve your health and in every aspect of your life. Sophia outlines a clear formula for claiming your innate worth and fully stepping into your power as a woman, not by teaching you how to "fix" yourself but by showing you how to identify and release what's been blocking you from owning the love and power that you already have inside of you to fulfill your healthy love and life dreams!



"Secrets of the Empowered Woman is a very inspiring and practical guide for every woman who wants to step into her power in a loving and heathy way. This book will teach you how to have a loving relationship with yourself  and extend that love to others, giving you the ability to create the fulfilling relationships and fulfilling life your heart truly desires. It is rare to find someone who shares such spiritual wisdom, guidance and love in such an eloquent and beautiful voice. This book is a must read!"

 ~ Gail Braverman, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Yoga Instructor


"Sophia's beautifully written book delivers unique empowerment insights for women in a loving and spiritual, yet grounded and practical way. A truly transformative guide to creating healthy true love and happiness in life while bringing peace to your mind, healing to your heart and expansion to your soul."

~ Cheryl Phillips, Reiki Master and Spiritual Counselor


"Women of all ages will treasure this wonderful book in which Sophia clearly and beautifully shares wisdom about what it means to be an empowered woman and how to live a heart-centered life. Sophia's book is the perfect guide for learning how to attract, create and sustain healthy loving relationships and a healthy, happy life in today's world.  I wish Secrets of the Empowered Woman was offered in school for all women coming of age today. I cannot recommend it enough and wish it had been available to me sooner. Please read and share it with all of the women in your life!" 

~ Biba de Sousa, Founder of Biba Los Angeles Skin Care


"Sophia has written the ultimate guide for any woman searching for the way to create healthy, happy, mutually loving relationships. So often in looking for love, we sabotage ourselves by repeating the patterns of the past and settling for less than we deserve. Sophia shows us how to recognize those patterns, break the unhealthy cycles and overcome them.  With her profound insight and empowered woman practices, she gives us the roadmap to the ultimate secret - loving ourselves first. This book is sure to become a classic."

~Judith Balian, M.Ed,  Expressive Arts Facilitator and Author


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