“ Sophia helped me understand why I kept attracting emotionally unavailable men and taught me how to change this longstanding pattern. She taught me how to love myself, how to communicate boundaries with love in all of my relationships and she taught me how to embrace the beauty and power of my feminine energy, which has resulted in my feeling more self-confident and emotionally calm and centered in all areas of my life.  An added bonus benefit from my coaching with Sophia has been an improvement in my overall health and well-being.  I am so grateful for her continued guidance and help."

-Karen H.

“Coaching with Sophia has been a very enjoyable experience. She is a very compassionate and highly knowledgeable woman.  She has a very loving, calm demeanor and voice. Her coaching helped me to lose weight, reduce stress, love myself, improve my relationship with my daughter and understand myself and men better.  I feel more self-confident than ever before in my life and have really learned to embrace my feminine power, which has resulted in better health and in my attracting a very loving new man into my life. Thank you Sophia for these great gifts and unexpected blessings.”

-Carol W.