“ Sophia's coaching has helped me to find inner peace despite challenging outer life circumstances. She has helped me to lose weight and increase my self-confidence and has really helped me to focus and achieve my health, wellness and life goals. She has also helped me to greatly reduce stress and to resolve my relationship challenges with my husband. I am so grateful for her continued coaching, guidance and support."

- Shelly R.

“Thanks to my coaching with Sophia, I have learned how to release anxiety and reduce stress. I feel much more calm and centered, this has helped my relationship with my husband and my performance at work. I have also made significant positive changes with my health and I am well on my way to achieving all of my life goals!"

- Carol W.

With Sophia's coaching, I am becoming healthier and happier, each day. I feel more at peace and am sleeping much better. I have achieved all of the wellness, relationship and life goals that I set for myself. Having her as my coach has made all the difference in the world to me!

- Karen H.