“ Sophia's coaching has helped me to find inner peace despite my challenging and stressful outer life circumstances. It has helped me to improve my overall health and increase my self-confidence. She has helped me to understand and resolve my relationship challenges with my husband and improve the relationships I have with family members.  I am so grateful for her continued guidance and support."

-Shelly R.

“Sophia is a very compassionate and highly knowledgeable woman.  She has a very loving, calm demeanor and voice. Her coaching helped me to lose weight and sleep better. I feel more calm and centered and am able to handle any stress in my life with more strength and ease. I find time to meditate which is helpful to me in many ways and I love her guided meditations. Her coaching also helped me to improve my relationship with my daughter and understand myself and men better.  I feel more self-confident than ever before in my life, which has resulted in better health and in my attracting a very loving new man into my life. Thank you Sophia for these great gifts and unexpected blessings.”

-Carol W.