Empowered Woman Within Virtual Eight Month Private Coaching Program

Empowered Woman Within Virtual Eight Month Private Coaching Program

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This is an extended eight month version of the eight week Empowered Woman Within coaching program. Utilizing teachings from my book, the love heals method and my signature three step healthy love and life transformation system, it is also a private, virtual coaching program that you can participate in from the comfort of your home, and it is for you if...

~You're tired of the stress, struggling, searching or settling in your relationships or life and know you're meant for more!

~You're looking for a holistic body, mind, heart and spirit coaching program with practical, empowering teachings and tools that bring tangible results.

~ You know the desires in your heart are there for a reason and you are ready to listen to and follow them.

~ You want to discover how to truly love yourself and how to become a more empowered woman in your relationships and life. 

~ You want to learn how to love and empower yourself from within and create the health, peace, love and happiness you desire from the inside out.

~You're excited to learn how to attract or create the healthy loving relationships and the happiness in life that you truly want and deserve!


This coaching program includes:

- Two private one hour virtual coaching sessions per month for eight months (one coaching session every two weeks for a total of 16 sessions in eight months) on Zoom or FaceTime 

- Eight FREE bonus guided meditations of your choice from The Guided Meditation Sanctuary (one guided meditation per month for 8 months)

- FREE BONUS: The Empowered Woman Within Healthy Love and Life Talk Show Bundle (seven 15-minute recordings)

- FREE BONUS: The Optimum Health 21-Day Mini- Teaching/Meditation Bundle



Send me a message by clicking here: Contact to schedule your first coaching session or to request a free 30-minute phone consultation to ask me any questions you may have...

I look forward to hearing from you!




Coaching sessions are provided by video anywhere in the country using FaceTime or Zoom.