The Empowered Woman Audio Course

The Empowered Woman

 Audio Course

  Seven Steps to Creating the Loving Relationships, Vibrant Health and Heart-Centered Happiness that You Desire and Deserve!

Are you feeling unhappy alone, unfulfilled in a relationship or have you ever found yourself repeating painful, unhealthy relationship patterns?

Would you like to learn how to keep yourself and your relationships with others healthy and strong?

If so, this course is for you!   Learn the seven steps to experiencing the vibrant health, loving relationships and heart-centered happiness that that you desire and deserve!


Imagine how good it would feel to feel a deep sense of self-love, worthiness, inner peace and happiness that comes from within you and radiates out to those around you.

Imagine feeling a sense of safety and security within yourself, being able to trust yourself and your intuition.

Imagine feeling self-confident and secure in your natural empowered feminine energy and becoming irresistible and magnetic to what you desire in love and life

Imagine embracing your vulnerability, knowing how to communicate your feelings, emotional needs and healthy boundaries with love


Imagine healing and releasing your wounded little girl patterns in relationships and stepping into your empowered woman self

Imagine living and loving from your heart, learning how to set healthy boundaries with love, practicing forgiveness and keeping your heart open to love while enjoying the present moment and the journey of your life

Imagine how all of this would improve your health, your work and family life and all of your relationships!

You are a powerful woman. Your power is in LOVE. Your power is within.

Your true power, value and worth as a woman is inherent and comes from within... through your connection to your heart (Love), your unique soul essence and the loving energy and presence of your beautiful spirit.

When you learn how to embrace the empowered woman within you and how to truly love yourself, you will break free from any unhealthy, disempowering relationship patterns both personally (with partners, family or friends) and professionally (with your work and career). Love is what truly heals you.. starting with self-love!

Discover how having a truly loving relationship with yourself will help you to create more healthy, loving relationships in your life, including with a current partner if you have one, or how it will help you to attract the kind of man and healthy loving relationship that you desire with a new partner.

In this powerful, downloadable 8 lesson audio course, you will learn step by step how to tap into your empowered woman energy so you can create the health, happiness and loving relationships that you desire and deserve. 

Each step comes with a Feminine Power Mantra Meditation utilizing my own Heart Connection Meditation and Subconscious Mind Reprogramming Technique to facilitate the changes you desire on a deep level. This technique is an empowered feminine energy style of guided meditation and reprogramming technique that involves connecting with both your heart space and your "womb" space (a woman’s second heart) while listening to and receiving mantras into your body and subconscious mind.  

The Complete Empowered Woman Audio Course


-8 downloadable lessons with over 9 hours of powerful audio teachings, that you can easily listen to at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home or car

-and Seven Feminine Power Mantra Meditations

...and when you enroll now in the COMPLETE 8-lesson audio course you will also receive the following two bonus meditations!


Chakra Flow Mantra Meditationmantras to help you to connect with your feminine power as you journey up through all seven of your chakras (17 minutes)


Attract Your Man Soulmate Meditation - A guided meditation to help you to cultivate the feelings now that you want to feel when you are with your soulmate in person, and to allow you to begin communicating soul to soul with him before you even meet. Both of these things will help you to attract him into your life sooner and perfect divine timing, of course! (15 minutes)


“Before I listened to this audio course I felt anxious, depressed and unhappy in general and in my relationship.  As I listened and started putting into practice all of the many things I learned in this wonderful course, I have not only started to feel happier, more relaxed and self-confident, but my relationship with my boyfriend has completely turned around!  And if I ever need to remind myself of what I learned, I just listen to that lesson again or I listen to the exact feminine power mantra meditation that I need...I absolutely love this audio’s so inspirational and yet so practical at the same time”!

-Susan G.

“Listening to this audio course and the guided meditations that come with it has helped me in so many ways.  This course helped me to finally forgive an ex-partner and helped me to open my heart again.  I feel like I can trust myself and my intuition. I finally feel worthy of having the kind of man and relationship I desire.  Before this course, I was always discounting my true  feelings and needs and settling for less in my relationships.  Now I feel self-confident and excited about my future.  The lesson on understanding the difference between needy expectations and healthy boundaries was extremely helpful to me. Every lesson is amazing...well worth every penny. I learned so much about myself, about being an empowered woman, about about healing and about self-love.  Every woman should listen to this course!  Thank you Sophia!

-Adele S.


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