How to Stay Healthy, Strong and Powerful in Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit - The Complete 5-Lesson Audio Course with Bonuses

How to Stay Healthy, Strong and Powerful in Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit - The Complete 5-Lesson Audio Course with Bonuses

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How to Stay Healthy, Strong and Powerful in Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit Audio Course  

Did you know that in addition to a healthy diet and regular exercise, there are 5 secret keys to staying healthy and strong?

Did you know that you have the power within you to create and maintain good health in body, mind, heart and spirit?

Imagine how good it would feel…

- To feel a deep sense of inner peace and calm despite the outer circumstances in your life or in the world

- To feel a deep sense of confidence in your body’s intelligence and in its ability to heal or to keep you healthy and strong

- To be able to activate the power that you have within you to create and maintain good health

In this inspiring, downloadable audio course you’ll learn the five secret keys to activating the power you have within you to stay healthy, strong and powerful in body, mind, heart and spirit….even if you are currently experiencing challenging or stressful life circumstances!


Includes -  Five downloadable audio classes that you can easily listen to at your own pace. No homework...just listen, learn and enjoy!


Each of the five classes contain approximately three 30-minute audio lessons (for a total of approximately 8 hours of teaching content for the whole course), as well as one guided meditation for each of the five classes. Scroll down further to see the class description and what you will learn in each lesson, as well as the guided meditation that goes with the class.

Plus you'll receive the following two bonus  meditation and affirmation audios!

Stress Reduction Meditation- A guided relaxation meditation specifically created to help quiet your mind and reduce stress. This meditation is also effective to help you to fall asleep. (20 minutes) 

Healing Affirmations - Relaxing affirmation track for  stress reduction, and a new healthy life. (10 minutes)



What you will learn in each lesson:


Class One-

The Healing Power of Relaxing Your Body with Meditative Brainwave States

Key #1 Transforming Stress and Anxiety into Healing, Safety and Peace

Learn how to:

- Transform your stress, anxiety and fear into a sense of peace, calm, relaxation and safety

- Calm your mind, relax your body and strengthen your immune system  

- Reduce anxiety and stress with breathing, grounding, meditative brainwave states and present moment awareness

- Calm your nervous system and strengthen your spiritual connection which will help you to stay healthy, strong and powerful, especially  during very stressful, challenging times

- Explore the many different ways that you can slow your brainwaves down into a relaxing and healing alpha or theta meditative state, and start practicing the methods that are most helpful and enjoyable to you.

Includes Calm, Safe and Relaxed Meditation 

(19 minutes) A comforting, soothing relaxation meditation that helps you to release anxiety, calm your mind, relax your body and feel safe and supported.


Class Two -

The Healing Power of Your Mind and the Body-Mind Connection

Key #2 - Programming Your Subconscious Mind and Body For Health


- How to release worry, negative thinking and false, limiting beliefs that keep you feeling anxious or stressed, or stuck in unhealthy patterns that can negatively affect your health or your relationship

- How to harness the power of your mind and the body-mind connection to heal, reduce stress and anxiety, stay healthy and strong and make the changes you desire in all areas of your life

-  How to utilize the power of both your conscious and subconscious mind to heal or to stay healthy and strong

- The 3 questions to ask yourself to help uncover what you need to heal on a deeper subconscious level to create the body, love or life you desire

-A powerful 7- step process to reprogram your subconscious mind for health, or anything else you desire...inner peace, a loving relationship, financial abundance, etc. 

Includes Healthy, Strong and Powerful Body Meditation (19 minutes) An uplifting, yet relaxing guided meditation that affirms the intelligence of your body and that helps you to program your body for a strong immune system and excellent health.


Class Three

The Healing Power of Mastering Your Emotions and Embracing Forgiveness

Key #3 - Creating and Maintaining Emotional Health and Balance


- How to understand the important messages of your painful emotions, and how to listen to the guidance they give you, so that you can more easily and quickly bring yourself back into emotional balance  

- The steps you need to take to master and heal your emotions as they arise in the present moment, so that you can heal or stay healthy and strong, even during challenging times

- About the 5 steps and aspects of forgiveness and how practicing forgiveness will heal you on all levels and keep you healthy and strong

- How to release the past, old hurts or resentment and transform stuck, painful emotions into wisdom and love

-  How to free yourself to move forward into a new state of health, inner peace, a new loving relationship or a new life

Includes Forgiveness Meditation (12 minutes)

 A powerful guided meditation to help you to forgive yourself or another person.


Lesson Four

The Healing Power of Self-Love and Loving Your Body

KEY #4 - Releasing Self-Criticism, Increasing Self-Esteem and Practicing Self-Love 


- Powerful tools and practices to help you to unconditionally love yourself  so you can attract or create more healthy loving relationships with others  

- How loving yourself helps you to heal your body or stay healthy and strong and how practicing self-love is the key to making the lasting changes you desire.

- How to increase your self-esteem and define your inherent self-worth from within

- How to create a whole new loving relationship with your body and yourself and watch your body, relationships and life transform for the better.

- About the importance of honoring your feelings and needs and how to communicate healthy boundaries with love.

- How to release and reprogram false beliefs about yourself with the power of your heart and spirit so you can create the body, love and life you desire.

 Includes Let Go into Love - Self-Love Meditation 

(16 minutes) A very relaxing, dreamy, self-love and Divine Love guided meditation to help you to let go into love and heal on all levels. 


Lesson Five

The Healing Power of Your Heart and Spirit

Key #5 -Transforming Adversity and Life Challenges Into Spiritual Growth


- How to heal or stay  healthy and strong, calm and peaceful as you navigate through a challenging time in your life

- About the power of your heart and how to find meaning and purpose in your life challenges

- How to see life challenges and adversity as opportunities for spiritual growth

- The key spiritual tools and practices that you need to get through any challenge even healthier and stronger than you were before

 - How to cultivate inner peace, trust and faith despite challenging outer circumstances

- How to strengthen your intuition and connect with your heart to receive the guidance you need through difficult times

 - How all of your life experiences are meant to heal, awaken and empower you to fulfill your highest potential.

Includes Receive Intuitive Guidance from Your Heart Meditation (9 minutes) A short guided meditation to help you to quickly relax, connect with your heart and soul antune into your intuition. Ask a question and be open to receive intuitive guidance.



“ This is an excellent, very comprehensive audio course, it has helped me to reduce stress and anxiety and helped me to feel much more confident in my ability to stay healthy and strong, both physically and emotionally, through a very challenging time.  I love Sophia’s down to earth, conversational style...very easy and pleasant to listen to, and the guided meditations that come with it are very good...they really help me to relax and center myself.  This is an audio course I will listen to again and again whenever I need some reminders and inspiration about how to really take care of my health - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Thank you so much Sophia. "

 - Karen L. 

“ I have enjoyed and learned so much in Sophia’s live classes over the years, so I was so happy to be able to purchase this audio course!  It’s exactly what I needed and easy to listen to while I’m driving or doing things in the kitchen at home.  It was a great reminder about the power of my mind to heal and stay healthy, it helped me to not feel as anxious, to feel better emotionally and to be more loving and compassionate with myself.  I listen to the wonderful guided meditations regularly and to Lesson 5 whenever I need comfort, encouragement or inspiration to help me get through a difficult day. I’m very grateful that Sophia decided to share her much needed wisdom and love with this beautiful audio course!”

~ Nancy Nelsen R.N., M.S.N.

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