The Empowered Man  - How to Attract and Keep the Right Woman for You!

The Empowered Man - How to Attract and Keep the Right Woman for You!

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 The Empowered Man 

 How to Attract and Keep the Right Woman for You!

The Top 8 Attributes Empowered Feminine Energy Women Desire in a Man

Have you ever had trouble understanding women?

Do you ever feel confused or uncertain about what most women want in a man and in a relationship with a partner?

Are you ready to find and keep the right woman for you?

If so, this is the perfect course for you!

What you need is a woman’s perspective…


Imagine how great it would be to feel like you understand women and know what they desire in a man and what they want in a relationship….

Imagine understanding how much most women appreciate the special gifts of your natural masculine energy…

And how knowing this would all help you to find the right woman for you!

 As a result of listening to this downloadable audio course, I am confident that you will gain a better understanding of what most women desire in a man and in a loving partner, and that this knowledge will help you to attract and keep the right woman for you.

 In addition, listening to the guided meditation regularly will help you to cultivate the feelings of already being with her, which will help you to find and recognize her easier and sooner! 

This downloadable audio course includes approximately 2 hours of audio teachings that you can easily listen to in the comfort of your own car or home...

 Empowered Man - Audio 1

 Introduction- Why I Created This Course for Men (9 minutes)

 Empowered Man - Audio 2

 Understanding Masculine and Feminine Energy (32 minutes)

 Empowered Man - Audio 3 

 The First Four Attributes (31 minutes)

 Empowered Man - Audio 4

 The Second Four Attributes (31 minutes)

 Empowered Man - Final Audio

 A Couple of Final Tips (6 minutes)

And one guided meditation…

 Attract Your Woman Soulmate Meditation A guided meditation to help you to cultivate the feelings now that you want to feel when you are with your soulmate in person, and to allow you to begin communicating soul to soul with her before you even meet. Both of these things will help you to attract her into your life sooner and divine perfect timing, of course! (13 minutes)

Enroll now in this downloadable audio course on sale now for just $29 through Valentine' Day February 14!


“This course was exactly what I needed...I lost my wife and hadn't been out in the dating world in many years. This course gave me the confidence, understanding and clarity I needed. And the end result was exactly what I hoped for...not long after listening to this course, I met the right woman for me…and I couldn't be happier.  Many thanks to you Sophia.”

-Bob G. 


**A special note to women**

I also recommend the Empowered Man Audio Course to women. Why?  Because learning about the 8 attributes of high quality, empowered masculine energy men will help you to know what to look for in man if you are single, or it can help you in your relationship with a can even share it with them! 


“I originally purchased this audio course for my husband, (he and I were separated and in counseling), but after listening to it myself first, I have not had to share it with him (at least not yet).  The reason is that it helped me so much in terms of validating my desires and in my being able to communicate my feelings and needs in our counseling sessions. This has resulted in great progress as far as our relationship and has made me more hopeful about getting back together. I’m also recommending it to my single women friends so they know what to look for in a man.  I definitely plan on enrolling in Sophia’s Empowered Woman audio course next! “

-Nancy C.