Open Your Heart Women's Circle




What if every woman felt seen, heard, understood and accepted, instead of feeling not good enough, different,  isolated or alone in this world?

What if every woman knew her innate worth and value?

What if every woman could connect with the power she has within to heal and grow through her life challenges, and to experience the wellness, love and happiness her heart desires?

What if every woman could open her heart with self-love and self-compassion and receive support and empathy from other women who remind her of her true beauty, lovability, resilience and inner strength?

Many women feel isolated or disconnected and are seeking a sense of belonging, connection and community with supportive, like-minded women... a safe place where through self-reflection, authentic sharing, deep listening and the vulnerability of an open heart, we realize that we are not alone on our wellness, love and life journey!

You're invited to attend my first monthly

 Open Your Heart Women's Circle....

The purpose of this monthly women's circle is to empower you to love yourself, so you can better navigate or overcome any challenges you may be experiencing with your body, relationships or life, and to support you in creating the health, love and happiness that your heart desires!

With our hearts open, we will confidentially and authentically share what is really going on in our lives, deeply and compassionately listen to each other, and have the healing realization that we are not alone...  

My intention is to create a very affordable, safe, loving space where you feel a sense of connection, care, love, empowerment and compassion with the other women in the circle, so you know and have the experience that you are not alone on your health, love or life journey!

There will be three main topic areas that we will be discussing and sharing about in the monthly women's circles, here are some sample topics or each area:


Overcoming physical health or healing challenges - fatigue or burnout, illness or pain, losing weight, improving body image, loving and accepting our bodies, releasing perfectionism and comparison, listening to our bodies, challenges with diet or exercise, developing heathy habits, self-care, women's stages/challenges- monthly cycles, menopause, pregnancy, fertility issues, motherhood, growing older gracefully, being fully present and connected to our bodies, etc.


Cultivating a very loving relationship with ourself - the foundation of having healthy, loving relationships with others, relationship challenges with partners, a spouse, family members, friends, or other loved ones, challenges with finding or attracting the romantic partner your heart desires, navigating and healing through break-ups or divorce, communication challenges, recognizing and changing unhealthy relationship patterns, becoming more secure in love, etc.


Reducing stress or anxiety, finding inner peace, cultivating a sense of inner safety and security despite stressful outer circumstances or challenges, emotional balance and mastering our emotions, our thoughts, and beliefs, work/life balance and having a growth or abundance mindset, finding or having a sense of meaning and purpose in our lives, nourishing our soul and spiritual connection, heart-centered living, trusting our women's intuition, living in the present moment, etc.

The circle will be 90-minutes, live on Zoom and very affordable for everyone (no more than the cost of a single yoga class!)...and you can even save money when you register early or bring a woman, friend or loved one!

Live on Zoom - First Circle Date is Saturday, July 27

11:00 am Pacific Time

12:00 p.m Mountain Time

1:00 p.m. Central Time

2;00 p.m. Eastern Time

Scroll down and click on the heart icons to register  OR simply click one of the links below to register - you have three options!

Open Your Heart Women's Circle - Regular Price $25 Register by July 26th

Open Your Heart Women's Circle - Early Registration - $20 Register by July 20th

Open  Your Heart Women's Circle - Early Registration for Two -  Purchase Two Registrations for only $15 each - to Bring a Woman Friend or Loved One (mother, daughter, sister, etc. )  Register by July 20th!

I can't wait to see you in the circle!  

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