The Love Heals Method Key Principles

The Love Heals Method

Seven Key Principles


1 - In this moment you are safe, loved and supported. You can trust yourself, others and life. You live in an abundant universe. Your body is the sacred temple of your soul, be present in it, enjoy it. Take good care of it and love it unconditionally. 

2 - It's important to feel and understand the messages of your emotions and to honor and express your needs.  Your feminine energy (emotional needs, feelings, sensuality, vulnerability, sensitivity) is not weak, as many of us have been led to believe. Your feminine energy a very beautiful, precious and powerful aspect of your being. 

3 - You are worthy and good enough right now as you are. It's healthy and essential to have boundaries and standards, to respect and be true to yourself. You can change your perception and beliefs about yourself, others and life. Your mind and intentions are very powerful.

4 - You are, always have been and always will be lovable.  It is safe to open your heart. It is safe to love and be loved. It is wise to follow your heart's desires. You can choose to love and have compassion for yourself and others. You can choose to forgive yourself and others and be grateful.

5 - You can speak your truth and be who you really are. You can express how you feel, what you need and what you want. You can choose to communicate from your heart and with love. You have a completely unique soul essence.  There is no one else quite like you, there never has been and there never will be.

6 - You are the creative artist of your life. Your imagination is very powerful. You are here to fulfill your unique life purpose and to give of your greatest gifts to others and to the world. Your intuition will guide you with your life vision. Trust and follow your intuitive guidance.

7 - You are one with the Divine, with Spirit, with Love. You cannot be separate from it, therefore the love, health (wholeness, peace) and happiness you desire is within you. Everything is unfolding and happening for you and your soul's highest good and evolution, however painful or difficult things may be. All is in divine perfect order, despite outer circumstances and challenges. Everything happening in your life right now is part of your life purpose and destiny and is leading you to the fulfillment of your heart's deepest desires and to your soul's greatest potential.  Have faith, let go, relax into love and trust in divine timing.